The Covid-19 challenge has not only redefined industries but also the very processes of doing business. Marketing was not exempt. Unlike popular take on the impact on the marketing function, there are companies that upped their focus on their marketing and communication activities as an important way to engage their consumers and partner communities.

BW Marketing Whitebook 2020, brings under the scanner how marketing changed in the toughest year the modern world has seen, and how some of these changes are now irreversible not only because of the way sectors such as retail, technology, healthcare, education, auto, media have changed but also how consumer behavior across each sector, including behemoths such as FMCG and BFSI, has changed.

The 2020 theme for the Marketing Whitebook 2020-21 hence, for the first time in many years, puts the lens on the ‘marketer’, bringing out characteristics and examples of the Recession-Proof Marketer who is Resolute, Resilient and Reimagined in India’s Robust Digital Economy

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0130 OCTOBER, 2020

Recession Proof In A Digital Economy

In what can easily be described as one of the toughest years for the Indian business & economy landscape, digital has come to the rescue of marketers. But are the opportunities enough to beat the expected recession?

0231 OCTOBER, 2020

Rocky Road & The Silver Lining

Reverse migration, work from home, job cuts - How should the Indian real estate sector come together to face the future that is marked with unprecedented challenges

0303 NOVEMBER, 2020

In A Class of its Own

The accelerated rate of digital adoption has opened a plethora of opportunities for educators, regulators, education technology and the larger education ecosystem. But how do fundamentals change at a time when 'back to school' is redefined

0404 NOVEMBER, 2020

More Not Less: 'Speed' of the Hour

Even as constraints come on marketing budgets, the need of the hour is to reach out to the consumers at places where they are, and bring experiences that can set the auto sector well on its path to recovery. What are some of the challenges ahead, what are some of the shifts in the landscape and in consumer behaviour that the sector must brace for

0506 NOVEMBER, 2020

Reducing the Gap Between Promise & Performance

BFSI marketing at one point could be called near formulaic but the sector evolved and overtime was even one of the first to adopt digital innovations. Now as consumer confidence is shaken up, how can the sector revive its growth pace

0609 NOVEMBER, 2020

Mobile: The Watershed Year

When India went digital in lockdown, mobile became more than an extension of the consumer's daily life and played a critical role in all aspects from connectivity, utility, entertainment and much more. The year also saw several large mobile companies in India impacted in the wake of Atmanirbhar Bharat. How has 2020 changed some of the fundamentals of the sector, how has the marketer’s rulebook changed. Is this one sector that probably could be counted among promising sectors in 2020? Will 2020 prove to be mobile's best year yet?

0709 NOVEMBER, 2020

Bringing Back Experience In The Mix

As consumer's spending power curtails, the choice between essentials and non-essentials have compelled consumer durable companies to create more enticing experiences for their consumers. What are some of the trends seen so far, and how will this change in the recovery phase and later?

0817 NOVEMBER, 2020

Rise of the Specialist

Social distancing and contact less was a shot in the arm to the ecommerce sector in India. Apart from pureplays, many focussed players also see a rise as companies of all sizes began putting together their online sales strategies. What should sector players do to make the most of the opportunity that has come in the wake of the pandemic?

0917 NOVEMBER, 2020

Dark Times, Bright Outlook

Retail was among the worst hit in the recession and the market dynamic itself has changed in the pandemic impacting domain leaders. What will the new abnormal entail for the sector that now relies on 'digital' and 'experience' to become future ready

1018 NOVEMBER, 2020

The Core that Needs a Boost

Connectivity, data proliferation, bringing the next 500 million online - all positive words relate back to the telecom sector that itself has been stressed in turmoil. How should sector marketers strategise their gameplan in what is becoming a case of paradoxes

1119 NOVEMBER, 2020

Viewer, Viewer Everywhere… Is Monetisation There?

As industries came to a standstill, media was among the few sectors that saw rise in its viewers. Television and digital specifically benefitted, tier 2 and 3 markets kept the print appetite going but is this shift in media converting to generating revenues as well? How are media marketers facing the challenges of content creation constraints

1220 NOVEMBER, 2020

The Cup that Brimmeth Over

Transformation of the next five years compressed in a few months, tech companies have revisited and boosted product stack to assist businesses' in their digital adoption. How will 2021 reshape the spending patterns of the sector, and what are the key consumer changes that the sector must bear in mind to ensure a growth trajectory?

1323 NOVEMBER, 2020

The Dawn of a New Consumer

Affordable health insurance, convenience, hygiene on demand, better infrastructure, contactless consulting, remote tests- the new consumer is demanding a progressive healthcare system in India. How is the sector responding?

1424 NOVEMBER, 2020

Beating the Odds

The Indian FMCG sector saw one of its busiest years in 2020 when it had to revisit its manufacturing, distribution, supply and the likes to meet the consumer needs. The sector also had to connect and engage its consumers in newer ways. As the recovery phase advances, how are Indian FMCG players rewriting their strategies to be future ready?

1525 NOVEMBER, 2020

Nationalism as a Brand Motto

The pandemic did not mute down the patriotic side of India as the government pushed for Atmanirbhar Bharat. What was the role that brands have to play in this call, and how does it impact their marketing in days to come?

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