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We all are well aware that waste has become an environmental and social menace and we need to combat it from all sides and in as many ways possible. In order to effectively promote this concept and also to strengthen collaborations and networking in this domain, ‘BW Businessworld’ has joined hands with ‘Glasspower Recycling’, the domain specialists, to announce the 1st edition of their annual event ‘Recycling - For Greener Tomorrow, Conclave and Awards 2021’.

The main focus of this event is to bring together like minded people in Waste management, sustainability, environment and recycling domain. The purpose is also to acknowledge and award the great work done in sustainability, environment, waste management, recycling and up-cycling. Seven different catagories are announced for these awards and nominations are invited. The panel discussions in the event will be around creating efficient and professionally managed ecosystem for waste management, green environment and conservation. They will be based on concerns and efforts surrounding Glass, Plastic and E-waste recycling. We will also discuss processes and chemistry of recycling, also explore the deep Socio - economic impact of recycling and how can we embed it in everyday lifestyle of people.

Mechanised and professional dry waste segregation is the need of the hour and in this pivotal space 'Glasspower Recycling' is mainly promoting ’Dry waste segregation' and ‘Material recovery facilities solutions' for processing dry waste to Metals, plastics, glass, paper and other items, and to spread knowledge about recycling through events and e-platforms and work towards bringing this community together to collaborate, network and grow for maximum impact.


Manufacturers and associations

Packaging, Recycling, resources and waste management professionals


Hospitality Industry professionals

Civic bodies Local Government


NGOs and CSR heads

Other relevant stakeholders

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Our Event


Panel - 1
Recovery Road: Is the government stimulus in India adequate for small and emerging business recovery?
Panel - 2
Cross-Industry Collaboration to enhance the Recycling Value Chain.
Panel - 3
Nurturing Innovation through consistent R & D in Recycling
Panel - 4
Novel use Digital Technology in Waste Management
Panel - 5
Developing a systemic circular economy for recycling to benefit businesses, society, and the environment.
Panel - 6
Government Regulatory and Policies to promote Recycling/Waste Management across the industry.

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