While age is just a number, launched on Jan-12 2015 in India, the BW HOTELIER is now just 8 and we have led our domain for the past few years, for we rejuvenated and reinvented the space with our now most renowned publication, be it our classic print bimonthly, online, awards, events, and now our web-shows which dominate and yes, out social media play.

Self-proclamations seldom help, it is your work and following that should do the talking.

The BW HOTELIER Indian hospitality Summit and Indian hospitality Awards or as it is better known as the IHA has occupied pole position from the year it started and we broke new ground in 2020 when we hosted the IHA 2020 virtually over 4 days from Aug-31 to Sep-4 2020, with over 200 speakers and 100 awards. This was hitherto never done and this record shall perhaps stand the test of times and shall never be erased. It shall be a hard act to replicate, even for us.

The BWH IHA, if one was to encapsulate, in short,
  • The process is transparent and the awards are honest, discerning and recognize talent dispassionately across functions, regions and nationally
  • Is judged by 4 regional juries and finally by a national jury of Industry elders of great eminence and repute
  • The nomination process is online and open to all to make a pitch, provided they meet a set criteria and conditions common to all
  • BW HOTELIER only supervises and ensures compliance while the entire process is crunched externally by an independent and reputed agency, which is eventually judged by the 5 juries
  • Last but not the least, the entire process is recorded

We zealously follow our credo, ‘at BW HOTELIER the sun never sets’. The bar is meant to be raised and we shall keep lifting it higher with each outing. There is no room for resting on past laurels for each day and outing is a new opportunity and challenge and we shall never be found wanting for we are the BW HOTELIER. We are different.

India’s most awaited BW HOTELIER IHA ’22, the Indian Hospitality Summit and Awards is back with its sixth edition, this time in the phygital space, in August 2022. The central theme of the summit is A Story of Resilience.

This Summit will witness Indian Hospitality’s very best minds discuss and debate all that the industry must grapple with, sort and set a road map to get back and exceed through thought-provoking keynote sessions and panel discussions. India shall witness the best 100+ minds speak as they shall deliberate the latest trends that are transforming the way hospitality business is done. Each day will be different, absorbing and to take a lot away from.

Winners of the BW IHA 2022 will be announced in the evening of the last 2 days of this phygital gala


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