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BW Businessworld provides you the opportunity to recognise practitioners under the age of 40 who are making a lasting difference in this domain once more. The BW Wellbeing 40 under 40 awards are back with the same zeal as before.

In a word, BW Wellbeing World is your one-stop adaptable platform for learning about anything significant in the field of wellbeing. This involves increased levels of consciousness and tries to recognise and reward those who initiate such changes. It focuses on creating a mindset change, leading to lifestyle adjustments, and making it routine. While honouring those who are making progress in this direction, the BW Wellbeing 40 under 40 Awards also focus on timely challenges facing modern society, such as immunity, mental wellbeing, harmony, and plenty.

By concentrating on Mind, Body, Soul, Personal Space, and Work-Life Balance, we hope to honour the top 40 practitioners under the age of 40 who are revolutionising the wellness industry.

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Categories for BW Wellbeing 40 Under 40

Physical Wellbeing

The term "body" refers to an individual's physical makeup, which includes their internal organs, bodily tissues, and range of physiological systems.

Mental Wellbeing

The collective components of consciousness and cognitive functions, such as thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and memories, are referred to as the “mind”.

Spiritual Wellbeing

The idea of the “soul” is frequently connected to “spirituality” or religious beliefs. It is believed that a person's identity and character are defined by their eternal, immaterial essence or consciousness.

Tech-Enabled Wellbeing

The term "tech-enabled" describes how technology is incorporated and used to improve or enable different processes, activities, or experiences. It suggests utilizing technological innovations and tools to increase functionality, convenience, or efficiency in a specific field.

Corporate Wellbeing

The focus of “corporate wellbeing” is on the physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness of people working in an office or corporate environment. It includes initiatives, policies, and programs that advance worker wellbeing, engagement, and productivity.

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