Award Categories

TOP Education Brands Of India

Preschool Franchisor of the year

The preschool chain which rolls out preschool franchisees across the country and abroad and is an all India player and has shown tremendous growth and sustained their presence in the country.

Regional Preschool Franchisor of the year

The preschool chain which rolls out preschool franchisees regionally i.e North, South , East nd west and has shown tremendous growth and sustained the presence in the region.

Emerging Preschool Franchisor of the year

The preschool chain which has started in the last three - four years and has shown rapid growth in terms of numbers of centres added as well as huge potential to grow along with best pedgogical practices and franchisee support systems in place with franchisee owners supportive of the business practices

K12 Franchisor of the year

The K12 chain which rolls out preschool franchisees across the country and /or abroad and is an all india player shown tremendous growth and sustained the presence in the country. It should be known for it its best practices with the customer’s i.e students and parents. it should also be a preferred chain among investors for setting up new franchisees

Regional K12 school Franchisor of the year

The preschool chain which rolls out K 12 school franchisees in the regions of North, South , East nd west and is a regional player shown tremendous growth and sustained the presence in the regions.

K12 Education Group of the year

The group which does not have franchisees but has a strong presence in the country with schools which are company owned or under an education trust. The number of centres present present are across the country and owned by the company.

School of the year

The K12 school which has shown growth in academic excellence, Sports, learning outcomes, teacher training, parents and community perception, awards ad recognitions received as well as community outreach through students and as an institution

Higher Education group of the year ( private )

Higher Education group which offers courses in diverse fields, is known for faculty, placements , research, global collaborations and has positive market perception

Edutechnology awards

Leading Security and Surveillance Solutions Provider for the education sector

Upcoming Multi-Media Content For K12 Education

Upcoming Training Provider To Working Professionals

Emerging Test Preparation, Evaluation And Assessment Tool Providers

Leading Interactive Solution Providers

Innovative Technology Solutions For Higher Education Institutes

Innovative Technology Solutions For School Education Institutes

Innovative Assessment Tool Providers

Innovative Technology For Engineering Institutes

Accessories For Infrastructure Development In Institutions

Smart Class Solution Provider

Enterprise Resource Planning

Innovation In Pedagogical Practices

Online Education Platform Provider

Overseas Education Facilitator

Driving Digital Payments in Campuses

School Principals

Star Principal Award for School Excellence

This award recognises an individual who has made exceptional contribution to the overall growth of the school in terms of bringing changes in pedagogies, curriculum and overall development of the school ecosystem.

Principal Award for School Support

This award for recognises an individual within the school setting for their outstanding contribution in supporting pupils, students, teachers and the life of the school. Examples of support roles include: Teaching assistants, receptionists, technicians, community coordinators, general assistants, administrators, business managers etc. We are looking for the star of the school’s support staff team who consistently goes the extra mile and is an inspiration to others.

Standalone School Awards

Career Inspiration Award

This category recognises schools that are aspiring children and young people to develop a full understanding of the many different career pathways and opportunities open to them. We are looking for innovative and creative approaches to guiding pupils and students towards future careers and developing the next generation of workers. Preparing pupils and students for the world of work with measured outcomes.

Green School Award

It is important to sensitise the academia and students of their responsibility for the sustainability of the world and its ecology. There are environment-friendly schools that focus on environment education for better understanding among students about reducing their ecological footprints. This category invites nominations from all schools that are taking outstanding steps toward making their school campus healthier.

Innovation in Curriculum

The school intergrating the next best curriculum practices for bringing better learning outcomes for the students and thus helping students develop an integrated approach to learning instead of rote learning.

School Excellence in fostering Innovation

With Schools now creating landscapes for ensuring students experiment with new ideas and create projects for betterment of community and individuals. The school providing platform for students to explore their creativity can nominate for the category.

Exceptional parent engagement award

Any educational setting that can demonstrate they have engaged positively with parents or carers of children and young people with SEND which has resulted in improved outcomes for these children and young people and their families.

Academic Excellence

Any educational institution which has shown academic excellence not only in the results by in various academic competitions across the country. We would be on lookout for schools who have provided the efficient learning mechanisms for students to achieve academic excellence

Most Inspirational School Award

What successes has your school achieved during 2017-18 that has inspired pupils, parents or the community? We are looking for a school that can show how they are an inspirational school for this academic year. Judges will be looking for innovative approaches with measured success and the category will be looking at anything the school considers to be inspirational across the whole school curriculum or specific projects.

Sports Excellence

This category is looking for schools that can demonstrate an outstanding commitment to developing sporting skills and opportunities for pupils to be active on a regular basis through the provisions of teaching, coaching, extracurricular activities and partnerships. What have you done to help your pupils improve their interest in sport and physical activity? How are you delivering above the curriculum? Can you provide evidence to show how sport has delivered sucess for your school with a positive impact.

Innovation in global collaborative learning


Innovation for

The category would be applicable for preschools who have brought about efficient changes in preschool curriculum which has changed the learning outcomes in the preschool space

Innovation in Preschool Infrastructure

The category is n look out for preschools which have imaginative infrasructure which helps early learners fall in love with learning and also creates effective environment for both play and teaching.

Use of Technology in preschool

The category is for preschools who have effectively used new technology in learning and teaching bringing about a change in the way technology is perceived by the toddlers.

Higher Education Institutions

Innovation In Global Collaborative Learning

E-Campus Award

Innovation By Private University

Innovation By Management Institute

Green Campus Initiative

Innovation In Teaching Pedagogy

Industry-Academia Interface

Excellent Training & Placement