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The Future Paradigm Perfecting Fintech
The Future Paradigm Perfecting Fintech Disruption
An infra mindset, convergence as its strategic lynchpin, and connecting the many divergent dots that have mushroomed across the Indian fintech space, EbixCash is redefining the sector to build a future-perfect model — one that is difficult to emulate and puts miles between it and the competition

The Tireless Maverick
EbixCash which has the same philosophy as Ebix in essence, is not in the product business. I created Ebix, and EbixCash as infrastructure businesses, Robin Raina says.
Exceptional Growth
Technology offers and changes in both market and consumer dynamics are opening up newer opportunities for relevant businesses, according to TC Guruprasad, MD & Board Member of EbixCash Payments Solutions Division
We Try To Grow Our Businesses Systemically: Sumit Khadria, CFO, EbixCash India
Leadership structure at EbixCash has put a premium on people and business empowerment, says Sumit Khadria, CFO, EbixCash India
Gearing Up For New Consumer Needs
Bhupesh Tambe, Managing Director, EbixCash Global Services aims to focus on employee training and empowerment as necessary growth elements
We’ll Pave The Way For Travel Industry To Bounce Back
The past 20-odd months have been challenging for the travel industry. During this period EbixCash not only held its ground but also paved the way for the sector to bounce back. BW People spoke with Naveen Kundu, MD, Ebixcash Travel Services about the industry and what’s in store for the travel and hospitality sector
Technology Should Enable The Domain
Domain expertise must take precedence to technological application in a journey towards consumer-friendly growth, according to Dhawal Kamath, Chief Business Officer, EbixCash
How’s The Motivation? Is It That High?
Aruna Savant, Chief Management Officer, EbixCash Financial Technologies talks about the new way of working post-Covid, and the challenge of resistance to going back to work from office
Runway To Recovery
Virtually grounded a year ago in the wake of the pandemic, the domestic civil aviation sector has seen a quick turnaround thanks to pent up demand, right policy push and a slew of decisions helping the sector become future ready. Will Omicron play spoilsport?
CSMIA Is A Pioneer In Implementing Innovative Solutions: CEO Prakash Tulsiani
In July 2021, the Adani Group formally took over the management of Mumbai International Airport (MIAL), which runs the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA). Prakash Tulsiani, Chief Executive Officer, CSMIA speaks to Ashish Sinha of BW Businessworld about the rapid growth in passenger and cargo traffic and how it is geared for 2022.
We Are On Way To Achieve Our Target Of Rs 1,000 Crore: Deepak Bansal, Director, Cantabil Retail India
Listed on the BSE, Cantabil Retail India is in the business of designing, manufacturing, branding and retailing of apparel since 2000. It aims to become India’s best integrated apparel company and quadruple its sales to Rs 1,000 crore within next 60 months. Deepak Bansal, Director, Cantabil Retail India shares his plans with Ashish Sinha of BW Businessworld on how exactly he would do that and more. Excerpts:
The Rise And Rise Of Agritech
Alongside mechanization, predictive technology will change the way forward for the Indian farmer, say experts by Urvi Shrivastav.
Modi’s Reformist Surge
While it speeds up its third generation reformist agenda, the Modi government is obviously mindful of the seven key assembly elections due in 2022
India Is Ready To Be Fastest- Growing Economy Again: Rajeev Gupta, L&T Technologies
We are conscious of our sustainability initiative and want to be responsible citizens as far as our ESG initiatives go, says Rajeev Gupta, CFO, L&T Technologies in this interview with BW Businessworld’s Urvi Shrivastav
Improvement In Margins Is Expected In The Current Financial Year
The Deloitte CFO Survey report highlights that in the next three years, revenue growth is the most important priority for the CFOs surveyed. Porus Doctor, Asia Pacific CFO Program Leader and Partner, Deloitte India, speaks with Urvi Shrivastav of BW Businessworld about the changing leadership pattern in today’s world, the role of technology, and the market sentiment in today’s leadership.
Democratising High-Quality Education
The pandemic induced rise of the edutech sector presents the opportunity to democratise high-quality education by taking the best of concepts and faculties to every student in the country
Attracting Consumers To FMEG
The progressive Indian consumer is gravitating towards the fast-moving electric goods (FMEG) sector, with brands also leveraging newer channels and strategies to reach out to them
Marketing To Hyper Current Kids
Nickelodeon is looking to hone its strategies to engage and inform kids in the most meaningful ways in the coming year
The Year Of The Mavericks
Robin Raina’s EbixCash is building a future-perfect model with the objective of dominating the Indian fintech space
India’s Data Disruptors: Unstoppable
A new breed of data scientists, data designers and data decoders are coming to the fore as the ‘data-of-everything’ is triggering the ‘transformation-of-everything’
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