F i n T e c h

About the Event

BW Festival of FinTech brings together all facets of leadership in innovation, driven by FinTech that contribute to sustainable economic development at scale. The Indian innovation landscape is a living showcase of bringing clarity and progress within a seemingly chaotic and confusing environment.

The FinTech industry in India is instrumental in catalyzing the overall innovation ecosystem to solve real problems and make meaningful impact in unique ways, embracing the diversity of needs and challenges across the sub-continent. FinTech is not only about Finance & Information Technology, but it is a complete paradigm shift of methodology.

Who Would You See

  • FinTech Leaders
  • FinTech Companies – Domestic & International
  • FinTech Consultants
  • FinTech Service Providers
  • Government Bodies & Leaders
  • Top Startups
  • Financial Institutions

Who Should Attend

  • Product Owners
  • FinTech Enthusiasts & Brands
  • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Technology Enablers
  • Banking & Finance Stakeholders
  • Knowledge Institutions

Our Speaker

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Jury Members

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Our Partners

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