December 07, 2018
Moonlit Maps Presents
Talent Acquisition Summit
Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity, New Delhi
Designed specifically for recruitment and talent management professionals Think 2019 will be a pool of opportunities for leaders in the domain to evolve their human capital strategies.
Designed specifically for recruitment and talent management professionals Think 2019 will be a pool of opportunities for leaders in the domain to evolve their human capital strategies. Talent is the key to success of an organisation, and getting the right talent can give you the edge and put you on top of your game.

Think 2019 will provide you an insight on how the Talent Acquisition market of India will look like in the coming year. Deep & detailed discussions with Industry experts will help you optimise the overall TA function of your company and hone each and every segment of it. From attracting, retaining, managing talent. They will also talk about the journey where AI takes a centre stage and technology takes over the hiring world for good.
Experts from talent acquisition agencies, Top HR professionals, CEO’s, CHRO’s and Chief People’s officers will attend to discuss the future of Talent Acquisition in India. The will discuss effective strategies to minimise effort using technology and maximize output in producing the finest talent. Attending the conference will provide you with the competitive advantage that you need to survive in today’s scarce labour market.
Agenda / 07th December, 2018
Panel 1
The New Era of Hiring and Talent Management
As we all know, finding the right talent for your organisation is a tough job. And if done well can change the whole dynamics of the company. As difficult as it is to find talent, it is even more difficult to retain it. However, the advent of technology has completely changed the game. It has eased the process of finding, refining and to some extent retention. In this panel experts, will discuss how technology is changing the face of workforce management. What are the effective tools being used by recruiters now, which are going to mark 2019, as the new era of hiring and Talent Management?
Panel 2
Tricks of the Trade for Talent Acquisition Success
Hiring and Talent Acquisition can be a tricky process. A lot of the success of a candidate in the organisation depends on the right guidance, mentorship, and a definitive plan of action. In this session CHRO will discuss the best ways of monitoring their hires, keeping them in sync with the company’s motive, keeping them happy and motivating them for success in their roles.
Panel 3
CSR as An Essential Aspect Of A Thriving Business:
Companies large and small have come to understand the public wants businesses to take a leadership role in positively impacting society. As per a report from Forbes, 87 % of people would patronize a business that advocates for a social issue they care about, and 76% would not purchase products from a company that holds values that are contrary to their beliefs. In this panel CSR leaders from top companies will discuss what are the most innovative ways of doing a CSR activity besides donating money. How a corporates funds can be used to create a positive and a bigger /better impact on the society.
Panel 4
Reinventing Jobs: How AI will transform the future of job market
There is a constant debate and discussion going on between HR professionals and Employees on the future of jobs once AI comes into full play. In this panel HR Heads and Recruiters will discuss on how the job market will look post a complete AI integration. Will robots eat our jobs or completely redefine the way we look at the job market now.
Panel 5
Understanding the Good, Bad and the Ugly face of your employees
Contrary to popular belief, Employees/talent/hire whatever you may like to call them are humans too and have sentiments. (Sarcasm intended)* In this panel Talent Acquisition Heads from leading companies in India will discussion on the emotional aspects of handling, hiring and retaining a candidate. They will shed light on human issues that come up in the workplace and citing examples from their own companies they will shed some light on the best ways to deal with them.
Panel 6
How to build a high power strategic workforce
Building a workforce for an organisation is like building an army for a battle. You have to enforce them with the right tools, the right strategy and combat power. In this panel CEO’s will discuss how to hand pick the quality of talent they hire for their organisation. They will talk about the best and effective strategies the workforce has to be empowered with in order to have an edge over the others.

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