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Aug 12
  • 9:00 am10:00 am
  • Registration
Aug 12
  • 10:00 am10:10 am
  • Anurag Batra, Chairman & Editor in Chief, BW Businessworld
Aug 12
  • 11:35 am 11:50 am
  • Coffee Break
  • 1:00 pm2:00 pm
  • Networking Lunch
  • 4:00 pm4:20 pm
  • Coffee/Tea Break
Aug 12
  • 10:00 am10:40 am
  • What are the challenges that IFA's are facing on their road to greatness?

    Markets have been erratic and MF returns have not been great in the past 15

    SEBI is squeezing payouts in order to protect investor interest

    MF's are approaching clients directly via direct plans

    Mr. Aashish P. Somaaiyaa, CEO, Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund

  • 10:40 am11:20 pm
  • Out of the Box – thinking beyond the normal (Panel Discussion)

    Explore some non-traditional and disruptive IFA business models

    Learn how they overcame challenges across market cycles

    Get inspired to think beyond the normal


    Mr. Manish Shah, Founder & CEO, Big Decisions

    Mr. Harsh Gahlaut, CEO, FinEdge

    Mr. Sanjeev Sinha, Executive Managing Director, KuniUmi Asset Management

    Mr. PV Subramanyam, Trainer, Author, and blogger @

    Moderator: Mr. Rahul Parikh, Head, Aditya Birla MyUniverse

  • 11:40 am12:20 pm
  • Investor Awareness and B15 Penetration (Panel Discussion)

    Has the Investor Awareness drive been successful so far?

    Beyond hoardings - How AMC's and IFA's need to collaborate in order to educate

    Sustainable strategies to take MF's to B15 cities without imploding due to overheads distribution costs

    Building trust - Challenges in dealing with first time investors


    Mr. G. Pradeepkumar, CEO, Union KBC MF

    Ms. Aditi Kothari, EVP & Head Marketing, DSP BlackRock

    Mr. Rajendran C VR, CEO, AMFI

    Jaideep Bhattacharya, MD and CEO,

    Moderator: Mr. Aashish P. Somaaiyaa, CEO, Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund

  • 12:20 pm12:40 pm
  • Market Outlook

    Sankaran Naren, CIO, ICICI Prudential AMC

  • 12:40 pm1:00 pm
  • Getting into the mind of your client (Panel Discussion)

    Mental barriers to investing success

    Why even intelligent clients succumb to the same traps time and again?

    How to set expectations with your clients – prevention is better than cure?

    How IFA's should educate their client base on correct investing principles?

    Is over communicating a few simple messages the key to success?

    Mr. Nikhil Naik, Chief Growth Officer, NaikWealth Planners

  • 1:00 pm1:20 pm
  • One on One with Leo Puri, Managing Director, UTI Asset Management Co. Ltd.

  • 2:00 pm2:40 pm
  • Conflict Free Advice – pipe dream or real possibility? (Panel Discussion)

    Can advice ever be truly conflict free?

    Challenges faced by IFA's on the road to providing conflict free advice

    Is the industry 'missing the woods for the trees' by over-regulating distribution, or is it in the interest of the overall ecosystem to continue doing so?

    How the industry can come together to create a win-win between distributors and clients?


    Mr. Killol Pandya, Head Fixed Income, Peerless Mutual Fund

    Mr. Ranjeet S. Mudholkar, Vice Chairman & CEO, FPSB

    Mr. Lovaii Navlakhi, Founder & CEO, International Money Matters

    Mr. Suresh Soni, CEO, DHFL Pramerica Mutual Fund

    Moderator: Clifford Alvares, Senior Associate Director (Editorial), BW Businessworld

  • 2:40 pm3:20 pm
  • Building a scalable Retail Distribution Business (Panel Discussion)

    How can marketing, sales and operations seamlessly integrate to enhance the number of new clients sourced?

    How can AMC's contribute to the scalability of IFA's?

    Implementing disruptive and traditional client retention strategies

    The role of systems and processes in scalability

    Managing the customer life cycle and ensuring a long term relationship

    Increasing referral business from existing clients


    Mr. Swarup Mohanty, CEO, Mirae Asset

    Mr. Anthony Heredia, CEO, Baroda Pioneer MF

    Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sodhani, Founder, Sodhani Investment

    Mr. Vikaas M. Sachdeva, CEO, Edelweiss Asset Management

    Moderator: Rajeev Ranjan Jha, Editor, Nivesh Manthan

  • 3:20 pm3:50 pm
  • FoD: “Future of Distribution” (Fireside Chat)

    Where is the MF distribution profession heading in the next decade?

    What do you need to do in order to be future ready?

    Why 80% of IFA's will be redundant by 2020?

    Technologies that IFA's need to embrace and drive with urgency

    The question of fees- to charge of not to charge?


    Mr. Rajesh Krishnamoorthy, CEO, iFAST Financial India

    Mr. Brijesh Dalmia, Founder, Dalmia Advisory Services

    Dr. Mohit Batra, Founder & CEO

    Moderator: Mr. Lovaii Navlakhi, Founder & CEO, International Money Matters

  • 4:10 pm4:40 pm
  • Goal Alignment of Mutual Fund Investments (Fireside Chat)

    Is Goal Alignment the proverbial 'silver bullet' for MF distribution?

    How distributors can leverage technology to keep their clients aligned to their goals?

    How to use a Financial Planning approach to distribute MF's?

    Goal Planning is easy but Goal Ownership is ridiculously difficult - how can distributors overcome this hurdle?


    Mr. Ronak Hindocha, Founder, IFANow

    Mr. Anthony Heredia, CEO, Baroda Pioneer MF

    Moderator: Mr. Aniruddha Bose, Director, FinEdge & Editorial Consultant, BW Businessworld

  • 4:40 pm5:20 pm
  • Is an SIP based distribution model sustainable? (Fireside Chat)

    On paper, an SIP based distribution model seems fantastic. In reality, serious challenges abound.

    Is the current commission structure conducive to SIP sales? Is it sustainable and feasible?

    The importance in post-sales service for keeping SIP's running to the point where their trail income becomes meaningful and claw backs don't hurt.


    Ms. Priya Sunder, Director, PeakAlpha Investments

    Mr. Dhruv L Mehta, Independent Financial Advisor

    Mr. Ronak Hindocha, Founder, IFANow

    Moderator: Mr. Aniruddha Bose, Director, FinEdge & Editorial Consultant, BW Businessworld

  • 5:20 pm6:00 pm
  • Maintaining a high quality book (Panel Discussion)

    Why do some distributors have high quality books (low redemptions, transfers out and SIP stoppages) while some struggle?

    How important is maintaining a high quality book in the context of building out a long term distribution business?

    Using behavioral psychology to enforce good investment habits within your client base

    Leveraging technology to maintain a high quality book


    Mr. Shyam Sunder, Managing Director, PeakAlpha Investments

    Mr. Asit Bhansali, Director, FIFA

    Mr. Nilesh Shah, Managing Director, Kotak Mahindra Mutual

    Mr. Sunil Jhaveri, Chairman, MSJ Capital

    Moderator: Mr. Brijesh Dalmia, Founder, Dalmia Advisory Services

  • 6:00 pm6:30 pm
  • How technology will change the game in the times to come (Panel Discussion)

    How costless transaction processing systems and SaaS based models and killing transactional differentiation?

    How technology has influenced the distribution business over the past half decades and what successful IFA's have done to keep up?

    What technologies IFA's need to adapt as soon as they leave the room?

    How technology can be leveraged to increase IFA profitability?


    Mr. S. Kannan, Chief Technology Officer, MF Utility

    Ms. Aditi Kothari, EVP & Head Marketing, DSP BlackRock

    Sadique Neelgund, Founder & CEO, NetworkFP

    Moderator: Dr. Mohit Batra, Founder &

  • 6:30 pm6:40 pm
  • Coming together - Concluding Remarks (Panel Discussion)

    Summing up - how the various parts of the puzzle need to fit in together to increase investor penetration, improve IFA morale and efficiency, and benefit clients.

    Mr. Rajendran C VR, CEO, AMFI