India's 1st Corporate Snooker Tournament

Snooker History in India


It is undeniable that India is a cricket-crazy nation. No other sport enjoys the privilege of cricket, which is extended to the people who practice it. Hence, when India won the Asian Snooker Championship earlier this month against Pakistan, the tweet by the captain of the team Pankaj Advani cheekily made a reference as to how they are not cricketers or demi-gods, hinting at the abysmal amount of media attention they received for their win.
It isn’t hard to trace the roots of such a reputation. A peek into the nation’s colonial history has many stories to tell. Indeed, not many people are aware that the game of Snooker was invented in India. The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) website proudly declares India as the birthplace of Snooker.
The game of Snooker was born when young British Lieutenant Neville Chamberlain experimented with the classic game of black pool and this unique cue sports first held in Etawah in UP in latter part of 19th century.

Snooker is one among the many popular cue sports — a stick called cue is used to strike different coloured balls on a billiards table to pocket them. It has its origin in 16th Century English Billiards, but achieved its modern form only around the 19th Century.

India's 1st Corporate Snooker Tournament

Snooker for Corporates


The Game ‘Snooker’ is a classic example of applied physics and geometry. Those who are fond of playing billiards unknowingly sharpen their mind by doing mental mathematical estimates and calculations.

A person with a sharp mind can excel in any field he gets himself into. Playing these cue sports can also increase your eye-and-hand coordination making your hands swift and agile, which can give you a better chance of defending yourself especially during life-threatening situations like physical attacks or accidents.

India's 1st Corporate Snooker Tournament

Building a Strong HR in Corporates


Helps Build Focus
Playing pool requires a great amount of focus and concentration. Your ability to focus on a given objective is essential in achieving happiness and attaining goals. In billiards, players must focus on their targets (the cue ball and the target ball), the angle of their own cue, the angle the cue ball will move in once it is hit and if the cue ball will strike the target ball.
Helps Build Control
Studies have shown that individuals who play cue sports like pool are less likely to panic amid crisis. The levelheadedness of those who play concentration games are able to think clearly and logically, enabling them examine the most pertinent facts and details and encourage them to go into action without becoming hysterical.
Help Sharpen The Mind
Those who frequently play billiards and pool often have sharper minds. Pool requires performing mental mathematical estimates and calculations, such as basic geometry and physics. These skills are necessary to calculate precise angles and trajectories and to determine how much force to apply during a strike so as not to under or overshoot a target.
Hand-Eye Coordination
Playing pool can also increase your eye-and-hand coordination. In the above bullet regarding how pool can sharpen the mind, all that is for nothing if the player cannot apply those calculations to the table. The hand-eye coordination involved is a crucial factor in winning a game of pool. Your hands become swift and agile and can perform minute, finite tasks.
Improves Cognitive Skills
The mental stimulation of pool is rich and variable, owing to the virtually infinite table layouts that each broken rack presents. These layouts challenge the player’s imagination, visualization and creative problem-solving skills and requires constant improvisation.
Fun for all ages
Anyone can play this activity regardless of age and sex, so playing these games can be a regular family event. From your youngest nephew who wants to stab the 8-ball into a pocket, to your spouse’s great grandmother, billiards is leisure activity that anyone can learn and anyone can play, ensuring that everyone gets a turn around the table.
Building Tones Muscles
The physical benefits of playing pool include low-impact toning of the back, hip and leg muscles pertaining to continuous bending and reaching to.
Help Burns calories
There is a surprising amount of beneficial walking involved in a round of pool: a typical 2-hour 8-ball or 9-ball session often provides 100 trips
Improves cognitive skills
The mental stimulation of pool is rich and variable, owing to the virtually infinite table layouts that each broken rack presents. These layouts challenge the player’s imagination, visualization and creative problem-solving skills.

India's 1st Corporate Snooker Tournament



Participation Fee
Rs. 12,500
+ Taxes. For Team of Two

Rs. 7,500
+ Taxes. For 1 Player
  • Game Equipment
  • T-Shirts, Momentous & Trophies
  • Total Prize Money of Rs.3 Lakhs
  • Lunch, High Tea, Cocktail Dinner
  • Free passes for support person
Registration Process

The participating teams company will be provided with a printed application form which will be shared by us after initial internal approvals.

The participants are required to send their passport size photographs along with the filled application form.

Any changes in the final players list will have to be communicated to JBS BIZ Pvt Ltd before 4th January 2018.

Cancellation Fee: Any cancellation made by a participating team on or after 19th December 2017 will be charged 100% cancellation fee.

Last date of the Registration: 1st of January 2018.

Payment: Participation fee is to be paid by Cheque in the name of BW Businessworld Media Pvt. Ltd.



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